Athlone castle bridge and church
News | August 31, 2017

Discover Athlone While Taking a Cruise on the Shannon

Throughout our luxury cruise on the River Shannon we stop by some lovely towns and villages along the way where our guests get the opportunity to go and explore as they please. One such town we stop off at on our journey is Athlone. Athlone is at the very centre of Ireland on the boundaries of counties Westmeath and Roscommon. We take a look at some of the things to see and do while visiting the town.

Athlone Castle and The Luan Gallery

Discover the history of Athlone through a number interactive and audio visual exhibitions at Athlone Castle visitor centre and museum. The castle has a series of galleries which allow visitors to go back in time. Discover and learn about many historic periods including the Normans and the Vikings right up until the Siege of Athlone in the 1690s. See replica weapons and costumes from each era. Visit the quirky gift shop across the road from the castle. There is also a nice exhibit of Count John McCormack, who is considered the finest lyric tenor recorded.

Across from the castle there is an art gallery, called the Luan Gallery. Recommended for art enthusiasts the gallery displays both national and international visual arts projects. Find out more at Athlone Tourism.

Sean's Bar

Lonely Planet has recently named Sean's Bar as one of the most incredible bars in the world. Sean's Bar can be found on the west bank of the river shannon. It is the oldest pub in Ireland dating back to 900 A.D. Sean's is best known for it's traditional Irish music sessions and it's perfect pint of Guinness. It is a must see as visitors from all over the world stop here for a drink, chat and of course, the music. On any given day the pub will typically have a warm welcoming fire on in it's old-style open fireplace with musicians playing in the corner.

St Peter and Paul's Church

St Peter and Paul's Church overlooks the river shannon and can be seen for miles into the distance. It has a very unique Roman Renaissance style which is not very common in Ireland. Built in the 1930's it is made up of 6 large columns and there are several stained glass windows.


Relax at the park!

Athlone has a lovely town park called Burgess Park. Here you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views of the weir. Take a stroll along the promenade which extends along beside the river shannon. It is popular area for anglers and birdwatchers.

Athlone is only a sample of the many towns and villages we visit during our luxury cruise on the River Shannon. With the combination of gourmet food and beautiful scenery we guarantee that our guests will have an experience of a lifetime. It's time to make that dream a reality and come onboard the Shannon Princess. Plan your vacation today!

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