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NewsRecipes | January 13, 2020

Healthy Eating on Vacation

With a general abundance of information on healthy eating (thanks mainly to the internet) it can sometimes feel like contradictory advice is bandied around too often. This can sometimes lead to confusion over what exactly is good for you and what should be limited or cut out altogether. The usual ‘baddies’ like salt and sugar have had so much negative publicity that this, at least, has lead to legislation for manufacturers to label the sodium and sugar content on their products.

Food Labelling

The numbers of people suffering food allergies worldwide is estimated to be between 1-3% for adults and 4-6% in children (source: World Health Organisation). 70 foods have been identified as the sources for these allergies, the main ones being peanuts, nuts, eggs, shellfish, dairy and gluten. Since 2014, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland passed legislation on allergen labelling for packaged and non-packaged foods. All allergens must be clearly stated in the ingredients, usually in bold and/or italics.

Trying Local Eateries

For many people, going on vacation is not only about sightseeing but also an opportunity to explore the local eateries and try local dishes. It can of course be trial and error choosing good restaurants but thanks to comments and ratings on Trip Advisor or Silver Travel Advisor, picking the good eateries from the bad ones has never been easier.

Gourmet food from Shannon Princess

This is one problem you wont have to face on board the Shannon Princess luxury barge cruise. Our passion for food ensures that we place huge attention to detail in all that we serve to our guests, from breakfast right through to evening meals.

We like our ingredients to be organic wherever possible and to ensure freshness, we source produce from local suppliers en route of the journey. We like to collect wild herbs and fruits, often picked just prior to being used, this certainly adds to the flavour of the dishes.

For our guests with dietary limitations, we are happy to create dishes that reflect these requirements.

Fruits for lunch

DesertSatisfying a sweet tooth

Of course there is always time for a little bit of ‘sweet tooth’ indulgence and there’s a possibility that the desert served to you will look too good to eat!

Exploring Ireland on the Shannon Princess

Our Luxury Barge Cruise

Our luxury barge cruise is all inclusive which means you get to savour amazing gourmet food all throughout your stay.
Combined with a friendly ‘family’ atmosphere our guests will experience a truly intimate and memorable vacation. Contact us today for further information..we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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